Model Horse Links

Model Horse Sales Pages  Great place to find that model you are looking for.  Plus tons of other stuff.
Cascade Models Discussion Board  Find out about shows, models for sale, talk to other collectors.
Model Horse Trading Company  Seller of mostly new Breyer plus Dakins and other stuff I think.

Lillian Chaundry makes beautiful side saddles and she's given me some tips on making the model ones.
Hundred Oaks Saddle Company Has a lot of information on sidesaddles as well as pictures.

clipart stable  I don't really know it's name but I found some of my graphics there.
Kulacrosse's Clipart Stable  I found TONS of graphics and stuff here including some animated art.
Stablemate Lovers Only  Run by Becky Yeager, she makes props and tack for minis.  She's been a TON of help and I hope to be ordering from her soon.  She makes tack for Ertls and Micro Mini's too.
Dragon Run Stables  Run by Lisa Strang.  Models and other stuff for sale.  Nice CM's.
Christie's Homepage My best friends page
Sarah's Homepage Another friends page. She's the one who helped me so much with my pages!
Cool barbed wire sculptures These are totally awesome! I've seen one in person and I couldn't believe it! One more thing to add to my list of dream projects.

Barnes' is a great place to buy books for reference, information and patterns.

Tools of the Cowboy Trade: Today's Crafter's of Saddles, Bits, Spurs and Trappings

This is a great book for reference and just for plain enjoying and drooling over!


Also a book I love. I get some of my saddle making ideas from it and I know Melody Snow has a copy.

Horse & Rider
Horse & Rider

Horse & Rider is the premier magazine for Western-style horseback riding. Every issue features reader-friendly how-to information and new equipment reviews for advanced and beginner riders. Exciting graphics complement every issue, and the staff of performance horsemen and women provide practical tips on how to get the most this exciting endeavor. It's a great source for reference material, patterns, trends and all sorts of other goodies! I love this Mag!

Cowboys & Indians Magazine
Cowboys & Indians Magazine

Cowboys & Indians Magazine is an international magazine designed to appeal to a wide audience of Western enthusiasts, from the people who live there to those who love or long for the Western lifestyle. The American West is a place of mythology and grandeur, a rich mixture of culture, history and spirit that is unmatched in our country's evolution. The style, the drama and the ideals of the West — both past and present — are captured in the pages of each bimonthly issue of this colorful magazine. I like this one because it is a great reference for historical costumes and other fun stuff.

Gator fills out forms instantly!
This site is a great tool. It remembers links, passwords and other important infomation for cruising the web.

Lycos Gamesville Free Games, Cash Prizes
Lycos Gamesville Our Privacy Policy  |  Make $$$ With Lycos

Great site, powerful search engine and lots of fun stuff!
More to come!

If any of these links are broken, please email me!
I hate finding broken links and I'm sure you do to.  I have personally delt with most of these people but I can not make any guarantees as to their products, ethics etc.  If I have trouble with someone, their link will be removed from the list but not until that time.
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